50s Attire for Halloween 2015

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Dressed in a 50s attire costume for Halloween 2015 can be provide a real flare for your Halloween look. To get an idea of where to find inspiration, you only need to look at what was going on during that time.

Knowing the 50s history will help you put together your own creative interpretation of the period. Of course you could save time by buying your costume online at a special costume store like Costume Craze.  They have a large selection of 50s costumes and accessories for men, women and children. They also offer a flat rate shipping fee which is very convenient.

The 50s were a happier time as opposed to the 1940s. The US was no longer shackled to the horrors of World War II although there was a small scale involvement in the Korean War. This allowed for the economy to perk up and inflation to subdue.

Space exploration was going on and ushered in a new era with the launch of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik in 1957.

1950s Womens Clothing

Dior 50s dress

Women’s style tended to be glamarous and elegant and was an eclectic mixture. Dresses were mostly defined at the waist creating a bodice and skirt. The skirt could be straight or “pencil,” pleated or wide and circular. The circular skirts were made even more bouffant by yards and yards of net or nylon fashioned into crinoline slips that made the skirts stand out.

Particularly popular during this time were circular “poodle” skirts and bobby socks. They fit right in with the culture of the popular American Bandstand TV program.

Bobby socks are socks that are folded down two times or so and create a thick upper cuff. They were generally worn with the popular shoe styles of the day– the saddle oxford and penny loafers

I Love Lucy was a hit on TV. Her escapades and goofy manner were enjoyed by many. Just looking at reruns of this TV show can give you lots of  50s attire ideas for Halloween. The scarf wrap she sometimes used on her head and the large polka dot dress from some episodes are good examples.

Couture designer fashions were desired by those who could afford them. The designer Coco Chanel became a household name with her signature collarless suits with braiding trim and straight skirt. She also launched perfumes of which Channel no. 5 is still popular today.

Christian Dior and the House of Dior was another sought-after designer. His haute couture clothes were more flamboyant than Channel’s. His idea was to get away from the plain, boxy look of the 40s. Dior reveled in bouffant, flowing dresses.

Gloves, hats and nylons (stockings) completed the dressy look. Although it may certainly seem weird today, these items were worn to such simple occasions as a shopping excursion.

Other signature fashions of the 50s for women included pedal pushers. These are pants that stop just below the knee and were highlighted in many of the movies of the 50s. Shirtwaist dresses were a more classic style. They were characterized by skirts that weren’t very flare and bodices that sometimes had button-down collars and buttons down the front. Bare back sun dresses also became a hit.

Men’s 1950s Clothing

As for men’s attire, their clothing experienced only a few simple changes from the previous decades. Men’s suits lost their big shoulder pads and single breasted was the norm versus double breasted suits. Pants legs were shorter and didn’t droop as much. The gray flannel suit was popular as evidenced in several movies of the day as well as suits in brown and dark blue.

Jeans weren’t popular yet except for sport occasions or around the home. Pants for leisure were more or less slight variations of those worn with suits. Cardigan sweaters and penny loafers enhanced the casual look.  Thus, 50s attire for men was very simple.


If you still need inspiration for your 50s Halloween attire, watch the video below, you can get really creative ideas from it:

Lost In The Fifties Another Time Another Place

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