60s Outfits for Halloween 2015

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VW Beetle 60s

If you want to go for a 60s look for Halloween 2015, you could wear a costume based on this period that would be bright and colorful with an eclectic mix of individuality.  Many outfits during this period were characterized by the non-conformist ideals of the hippie movement..

The 60s was a period of upheaval and new ideas. It was a decade of war and dissent. The Vietnam War conflict overshadowed much of the decade as well as the struggle for Civil Rights equality. College kids and young adults were frequently in the news protesting the war and standing up for equal rights. Their clothing seemed to reflect their forward thinking. Styles adapted by Hippies and Flower kids were everywhere. Tye Dye, Peace symbols, bell bottom pants, large and bold florals and prints. These were their preferred styles.

A common sight during the time was the Volkswagen bus or “Beetle” as it was fondly known. Many of these buses were decorated with flowers and peace symbols that hippies loved.

Popular Women’s Style During the 60s

Spring Dresses 1960

However, not everyone was a free-loving hppie. On the opposite end, the simple classic and elegant style adopted by a young First Lady of the US, Jacqueline Kennedy, played an important role in women’s couture designs. The pillbox hat, gloves and pearls were copied across America and even abroad. British designers like Mary Quant were in the forefront and dresses and skirts were short “mini” lengths.

The bobby socks of the 50s gave way to knee socks in the 60s. Some of these socks came in colorful patterns and they gave the mini dresses a balanced look. Shoes of the time ranged from low-heeled pumps to flats. Some continued to wear the penny loafers popular in the prio decade, especially during winter months in climates. The Bass Weejun brand was very popular. And during the summer white Keds brand tennis shoes were the must have shoe.

Sock hops were a popular dance venue and were held in school gyms. These were casual affairs and a partner of the opposite sex was not needed to enjoy the dances. The term sock hop came from the fact that teens danced in their socks so as not to scuff up the gymnasium floor.

The shift dress was another staple during the 60s. These dresses were minus a waistline and were either straight or A-line.

As for hair, this was an era of the “teased” style which was also associated with the popular upturned “flip” hairdo.

Men’s Fashion During The 60’s

Men’s fashion, except for the hippie look, didn’t make as drastic a change as women’s but certain fads became popular across the board. Ties were much wider as well as lapels. And pants legs, too, were  wider than during the previous decade.

A new type of material, polyester, came into vogue and was embraced wholeheartedly. Some aspects of the hippie generation did come into play for mainline men’s clothing, though, like floral shirts and floral ties.

Using the ideas above, you can put together unique looks for 60s outfits for Halloween 2015. Local thrift shops are a great source for finding clothing and accessories dating back several decades.

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