70s Clothing for Halloween

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What would a costume for Halloween look like if based on the 70s style of clothing?

Well, for one thing, the early 70s were a continuation of the hippie movement of the 60s. Gradually a sort of middle-aged and older movement began appearing that embraced conservatism.  Ths was partially due to the fact that the older generation was fed up with the younger, hippie movement and its leanings towards what they considered too much moral freedom.

Richard Nixon, of the conservative Republican party, was elected president in the late 60s and by 1975 the Vietnam war ended and troops were withdrawn. This began the wind-down of numerous war protests all over the country. But those who fought in the war were not immune to angry protests when they arrived home. These Vets were greeted with hostility and did not receive the same type of respect that those who fought in previous wars were given.

At home, too, America was divided in their reaction to the fallout from the Watergate complex scandal tied to President Nixon. Eventually the scandal resulted in his resignation. The arrival of VCRs in the early 70swith the ability to pre-record TV programs enabled some working people to keep up with the proceedings surrounding the scandal.

Women’s Fashion in the 70s

70s womens fashion

Fashion styles for women were still linked to the 60s. Thus tye dye, big prints, dashiki,  mini skirts and bell bottom pants were still around as well as the more refined look of couture favored by First Lady Jackie Kennedy, like pearls and pill box hats. One trend that became apparent in the 70s was that more and more women were wearing pants in all aspects of their lives.

Men’s Fashion in the 70s

Mens fashion 70s

Men’s pants seemed to get more hippie and less structured as they embraced bell bottoms with low-lying waists. Fur vests and velour shirts were ‘in” too. Another trend was two-piece, casual “leisure suits” and “track suits” which were comfortable.

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In short, 70s clothing for Halloween could be a great choice for Halloween 2015.