8 Scariest Animated Halloween Decorations Under $50

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8 Scariest Animated Halloween Decorations Under $50 To Creep You Out

Seven Halloween Spooky, creepy, macabre, animated decorations for the Halloween-loving trickster. These decorations are perfect to hang from the ceiling or place on the porch. Set them up in a dark or dimly lit room and they provide just the right amount of gore to scare your visitors shirtless. Best of all they are inexpensive and a reasonable size. Shop early. Animated Halloween decorations sell out fast!

Animated Hanging Phantom 72 inches

Creepy, moaning sounds come from the Phantom as you approach him. Turn up the volume control switch to make him loud and scary. He's a life-size phantom with arms that you can pose and a tattered costume made of gauze. He will surprise his visitors if they come upon him unexpectedly. Makes a great addition to any home inside or out. Place on your porch and watch as trick-or-treaters stop to take a look. Click on the phantom to add him to your home.

72 inch Hanging witch

Watch your guests run for their lives if hey approach this 72 inch witch unaware of the creepy voice and sounds it makes upon approach.  It lets out a creepy "Ah, another tasty morsel for my stew."  The witch has a long head and hands and a black robe shredded at the arms and legs.  The eyes light up when activated by motion.  Available with Amazon Prime.  But hurry, they sell out fast.

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Hurry, they sell out fast!

More Scary Halloween Props

This blood thirsty animated slashing bride is ready to shred her husband! She is made of molded plastic and 35 inches tall. Her gown is made of cheesecloth and the veil of a mesh fabric. The convenient 6 inch loop makes it easy to position her where you think she'll do the most harm. She's fierce in her movements. You can watch a video of her in action by clicking on the "more info" button below.

Interactive Skeleton In Hammock

Place it on your porch or in a corner of your yard and watch this one-legged skeleton come to life when someone makes a sound. It then moves its chest with heavy "breathing." The movements are accompanied by loud yawns and snoring sounds. It can also be hung using the two ropes on each end which come with the the 8 foot hammock

Need Inspiration on how to use your prop ? Check out this video: