Baby’s 1st Halloween Costume Ideas

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Baby's 1st Halloween Costume Ideas

A baby’s 1st Halloween costume gives mom and dad a chance to spread the fun of choosing Halloween costumes to one more person, or two, or more if there are twins or multiples involved. It’s so exciting for parents to see their baby all dressed up for Halloween looking so adorable. And there are some really cute infant Halloween costume ideas out there to choose from, and there are even more if your baby wears size 6 months or larger.  Check this list of baby’s 1st Halloween costume ideas here.

Baby Bunting Halloween Costumes 2015

For really small babies, costumes are likely to be a bunting or “snuggle sacks” as they are sometimes referred to. These type of infant costumes have been around quite awhile since they are very suitable for covering baby completely.

For example, the chili pepper bunting costume which can be used as a unisex costume. Your baby fits snuggly inside the pepper with its cheery green collar that represents leaves and a cute little green hat that acts as the “stem.” The most popular chili pepper bunting comes in size 6 to 9 months but reviews by some parents state that it runs large so it would be a good idea to get a smaller size than you normally would. However, weather may determine if you get it smaller or regular size.

The material is thin which is great for warm climates. It can be used in colder areas, too, but wrap baby in a sweater or blanket before placing baby in it. So If you live in an area where the weather is likely to be cold on Halloween, take into consideration the extra clothing needed inside the bunting when determining what size to buy.

The outfit has a handy flap in the back to make diaper changing easy and there aren’t a lot of extra fancy accessories that comes with it so this makes it easy to carry baby without wrapping your hands and arms around large and thick accessories.

For baby boys, it’s not too early to be a superhero! DC comics has a really cute Superman bunting costume. It’s just like the real Superman outfit with a large S on the front, and of course, the red flowing cape that makes Superman soar above everyone else. This costume gets good reviews and babies gets lots of compliments when wearing it.

The Superman costume is sized at 6 to 9 months; however, parents of babies with long legs who have bought this costume, feel that it is not long enough. So it may not fit an older baby well. It has a detachable cape and a flap in the back for easy diaper changing.

For baby girl first Halloween costume ideas, you could dress your princess up for what she is—a princess! or perhaps a Mermaid with a flowing tail. Both of these bunting styles are popular for babies.

Halloween Costumes for Older Babies

The good thing about costumes for older babies is that you will have so many choices that you may have a hard time deciding which to buy. You can still go with themes like princess and superheroes but there are many other cute costumes for this age group to choose from.

I really think the baby pink poodle costume found on some websites, is adorable for baby girls.  It comes in sizes as small as 12 months. It’s sleeveless so for cold climates I would add a pink long-sleeve onesie and pink tights. The costume fastens in the back with Velcro to make it easy to put on and take off.

If you really want your baby girl to have a unique costume, the infant spider girl cutie costume is not only unique but as cute as its name implies. One parent who bought this costume said her toddler was the only one that had it at three different events. It can be purchased at this site which has a guide to help you get the right size.

Baby boys have their own version, the Spider Man Cutie outfit that would be great for a brother/sister duo. Then there is Captain America. The Incredible Hulk, Batman and so many other characters that your head will start to spin trying to decide which one to buy.

Whatever costume you decide for baby’s first Halloween costume, baby will no doubt look “cute as a button.” Be sure to take lots of pictures to always remind you of your baby’s very 1st Halloween costume.

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