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70s Clothing for Halloween

What would a costume for Halloween look like if based on the 70s style of clothing? Well, for one thing, the early 70s were a continuation of the hippie movement of the 60s. Gradually a sort of middle-aged and older movement began appearing that embraced conservatism.  Ths was partially due to the fact that the […]

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60s Outfits for Halloween 2015

If you want to go for a 60s look for Halloween 2015, you could wear a costume based on this period that would be bright and colorful with an eclectic mix of individuality.  Many outfits during this period were characterized by the non-conformist ideals of the hippie movement.. The 60s was a period of upheaval […]

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50s Attire for Halloween 2015

Dressed in a 50s attire costume for Halloween 2015 can be provide a real flare for your Halloween look. To get an idea of where to find inspiration, you only need to look at what was going on during that time. Knowing the 50s history will help you put together your own creative interpretation of […]

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