Group Halloween Costume Ideas for Work 2016

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Group Halloween Costume Ideas for Worplace in 2016

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Another year already and you need unique group Halloween costume ideas for work 2016 updates. Well look no farther. Here are some cool ideas to make your group Halloween costumes stand out this year whether for work or a party.
Since more than one person is involved, purchasing the costumes may be the best way to go. Coordinating everything is much easier that way. Fortunately there are several themes to choose from. Here’s a list of Costumes that should work for any employee group.

Rock Paper Scissors Halloween Group Costume 

rock paper scissors Halloween costume
Rock, Paper and Scissors is based on the childhood game, but what’s age got to do with it. It’s is perfect for a group of three and a great bargain because you get all three costumes for one price.

The costume set is easy to wear and adjusts well to many body types and sizes. They are more like one size fits all smocks. They fit well because they’re worn with shoulder straps and waist ties on the back keep them secure.

The rock is long and can stretch from the chest to the upper thigh area–depending on the wearers height. The width extends out from the body on the sides. The rock is gray and has dark gray shadows that show contouring.

There are gray lines and gray spots on the rock to make the design look real. Wearing along sleeve black shirt and a pair of black pants helps highlight the design.

The paper part of this group costume set is white. It has blue lines running horizontally across it like a sheet of notebook paper. And it has a faint red vertical line on the side along with three holes.. The length of this costume is from the shoulders to just about knee length, again depending on the wearer’s height.

You can make the costume unique by writing funny comments or drawings on the sheet o paper. Like the rock costume, wearing black clothes underneath makes the costume stand out.

The scissors are designed to look like a real pair of scissors. They have blue finger hole handles and you can use either side of the handles to fit the costume around the neck. Whichever side that you choose will determine the way the edge of the scissors point.

The body of the scissors is silver and has the fastener indention on it. It’s made of soft material and is comfortable. It too looks well when worn with a black top and pants. These are great workplace appropriate Halloween costume ideas.

Adult Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Groups

Want your group to be trendy this Halloween, then click HERE for Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Groups would be right on target. With this costume group, you can choose from many characters so it’s a perfect choice for a small group or a large one.

For starters, there is the ever popular Star Wars Darth Vader Costume. It comes in several versions with some being more expensive than others. The economy costume is made of 100% polyester.

darth vader adult Halloween costume

It is a black jumpsuit and on the front of the jumpsuit is a colorful polyfoam chest piece which ties around the neck and waist. These pieces resemble the control panel Darth Vader uses in the movies. It also comes with a black cape which ties around the neck. A half mask completes the look.

Star Wars Princess Leia Costume

The officially licensed Star Wars Princess Leia Costume is a white turtleneck 88% polyester and 12% spandex dress with a thigh high slit in the front. The spandex enables a sleek fit. The dress is decorated with a silver belt that has raised studs.

Princess Leia’s signature wig is included with the outfit. The calf high white boots are purchased separately.

Your Star Wars group would really pop with a Storm Trooper or two.

Star Wars Strom Trooper Costume

This is the officially licensed version and comes with a black storm trooper jumpsuit with attached white foam armor pieces and white boot covers. It also has a molded PVC helmet which is padded on the inside for comfort. Additional accessories can also be purchased or you can choose to buy the accessories alone without the jumpsuit and still represent the Storm Troopers. Also, there is a female version of the costume.

Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker costumes are also available to purchase giving you two more office Halloween costume ideas to choose from for your group.

Minion Halloween Costumes for Adults
Minion Halloween Costumes for adult groups would make a great group theme. The lovable bunch is back again in 2015. You can even get them in plus size Halloween Costumes for Adults.

Female Costume from Despicable Me 2 includes the dress, headband, goggles and knee socks.

Despicable Me Minion Dave Adult Costume includes the jumpsuit, gloves, headband and goggles.

Adult Minion Bob costume includes the jumpsuit, gloves, headband and goggles.

Adult Minion Kevin costume includes the jumpsuit, gloves, headband and goggles

If your group would like to try its hand at creating costumes from scratch, here’s an excellent source for inspiration.