Group Halloween Costume Ideas Work Themes

Star Wars group costumes
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Group Halloween Costumes For Work

If your workplace is participating in Halloween fun and you and your co-workers would like to show their solidarity by dressing alike, then your group needs Halloween costumes ideas work themes to ensure everyone dresses the same or in a similar way. 

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume for Work

To have everyone on the same page, picking a theme that everyone can agree on is the simplest way to go, but it also brings some challenges.  Making one's own costume sounds good and gives more room for originality, but who has time to create homemade costumes?  Everyone is busy these days and unless some in the group are willing to take on the challenge of preparing costumes for everyone, a better solution, then, is to order the cosumes online.  That way, once a theme is decided upon, everyone gets to order their own costume at their conveniece and can also tailor their looks to their individual style

In a hurry to find costumes - For a huge list click here and here.

In prior years, movie characters have always been popular choices for Halloween costumes. This is likely to be the same case this year. 2016 had a lot of highly anticipated movie releases with some being remakes or sequels to earlier releases.

Movie Character Halloween Costume Ideas for Work

Rey is the popular female character introduced in Star Wars the Force Awakens

More Star Wars Characters

Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn is a fictional intriguing character who appears in DC comics. She goes back to 1992 when she first appeared in Batman comic books.  In later films based on the comics, she has appeared as the Joker's lover. She is a very popular character in the 2016 Blockbuster hit Suicide Squad.

Halloween Costumes Based on a Variety of Themes

You can find huge lists of Halloween Costumes of all sizes, styles and themes at as well as Amazon.  Check them out as you will surely find suitable group Halloween costume ideas for work at either of these companies.

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