Plus Size Women’s Halloween Costumes

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Plus Size Miss Mouse Costume

Plus Size Miss Mouse Costume

Good news.  Plus size women’s Halloween costumes 2016 edition are well covered.  Many of the costumes available in smaller sizes can be found today in larger ones for both men and women. To see great examples to choose from, click here.

For women,there are many styles of costumes to choose from. Some are funny like the familiar classic  pumpkin-shaped costume worn with cute tights and shoes.

Others are sexy in appearance, like the plus sized witch costumes. Some “witches” are simple and others are fancy and adorned with lights. You can accessorize these costumes with typical witch trappings like a broom and pointy hat. Check out witch costumes here.

The Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, is always a classic hit as a Halloween costume. You can find some really nice plus size costumes befitting the “queen” in you.  Go all out in true bling fashion by adding glittery costume jewelry and accessories.

The Renaissance period was known for busty, buxom women which is perfect for plus size ladies who want to look beautiful on Halloween night. You can dress as an Empress or Queen and show as much or as little skin as you prefer. Plus size Renaissance costumes can be found here.

Dottie, the baseball catcher from the classic film is represented in this exclusive plus size costume.  The style is flattering to larger sizes.  Get it here.

Then there are the typical devil and angel costumes, where you play up whatever part of your personality is in charge that night. Bring a pitchfork  and little red horns if you’re feeling especially naughty.

If you are going to a Halloween theme party, you could choose a plus size can-can costume, which is very flattering and takes you back to another time.

The possibilities for dressing up on Halloween night and finding the plus size styles you want are endless. You can be anyone – Princess Peach from Mario Brothers games, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, or even a beautiful Geisha girl, complete with a kimono and makeup.

Then, too, there is always the typical classic Halloween costumes that you find on all sizes.  And don’t forget the popular movie and tv characters, you can find them in plus sizes, too.  The plus size woman is not limited in Halloween costume choices, in fact, like anyone else, trying to decide from an abundance of choices, is often the problem.

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