Shopkin Costumes Kids Will Love

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Shopkins Costumes For for Girls

Good news for all the little Shopkins fans. The Shopkins brand has come out with a group of Shopkins costumes kids will love. Now little girls can dress like their favorite grocery store shopping friends with these Shopkins costumes for girls for Halloween.

Shopkins are the adorable mini figure playsets centered around food and grocery shopping. Each food item has its own face and name and is designed with a special glittery and shiny texture. The figures have become very popular among young girls and they’ve also become collectors items. They were introduced to the market as characters to share and collect. Some have become hot and expensive since they were introduced as rare, ultra rare, special and limited edition. These little cuties come onto the market in “seasons” and each character has its own hobby, hangout and BFF providing many opportunities for pretend play fun. The characters make perfect Shopkins costumes for girls, especially at Halloween.

Shopkins Costumes Kids Love for Halloween


shopkins costumes kids love

Cupcake Queen

The costume is sweet just like a cupcake. It comes with a two tier layered blue tulle skirt that has a  sparkly design. The bodice is a shiny yellow with the outline of a Shopkin Cupcake. A pink bow on one shoulder and a blue crown made to resemble icing on a cupcake, complete the look. Season 1 Click HERE to buy.

Shopkins Lipsy Lips costume

Lippy Lips

The health and beauty section of the grocery store is where you will find Lippy Lips. She is a part of Season 1. Her costume is  two tier pink tulle skirt with a satin pink bodice. The image of her character is printed on the bodice. The upper bodice is gold with pink hears and bows. Her crown is a lipstick tube. Click HERE to buy.

Shopkins Kookie Cookie Costume

Kookie Cookie

Kookie Cookie is shy and sweet. Her costume is pink and yellow/gold. The skirt has a pink tulle top with gold tiers underneath. The bodice is a smiling face decorated with cookies. Pink short sleeves and a crown of cookies that lets everyone know which character she is.  Click  HERE to buy.

Shopkins Strawberry Kiss Costume

Strawberry Kiss

Strawberry Kiss is a daydreamer who enjoys writing poetry. She first appeared in Season 1. Her costume is red with designs that resemble the leaves and marks on  strawberries. The costume comes complete with a strawberry crown.  Click HERE to buy.

Shopkins Cheeky Chocolate costume

Cheeky Chololate

This costume is sligthly is styled a little different from the other Shopkins costumes. Cheeky Chocolate’s skirt is one layer, but she has a chocolate colored fabric piece at the top of the bodice that resembles chocolate candy. She also has a hat that is shaped like part of a candy bar. Click HERE to buy.

Shopkins apple blossom costume

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom’s favorite color is Granny Smith Green. That’s a perfect description for this costume fit for a little princess. It has two cute bows on the front  and one should is embellished with a leaf design. It is topped off with a headband resembling leaf.  Click HERE to buy.


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