Unique Toddler Costumes

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Unique Toddler Costumes 2016

Toddlers are their own little people and have a mind of their own, so great ideas for unique toddler costumes for Halloween  could center around their personalities and what they enjoy most.


Toddlers love visuals. Just look at how they dance around excitedly while watching all the flashy graphics on Sesame Street. And don’t forget how they can wow you with their ability to flick through an iPad or tablet. Today’s toddlers are smart and a lot of this is because they have access to so many educational TV and movie programs with lots of fun characters from which you can consider lots of costume ideas.  And don’t forget, toddlers are just a few months older than babies, so you can also consider baby costume ideas.


There is an abundance of unique toddler costumes for 2015.  Due to the popularity of the Jurassic World movie of 2015, dinosaur costumes are likely to be a great hit this year. Fortunately, there is a great variety of styles for toddlers, but supplies are likely to sell out early.  Here are ideas for dinosaur costumes not only for toddlers, but for older kids and adults, too allowing you to dress the whole family as dinosaurs this year.  Click here for examples.


Little boys seem to gravitate towards super heros at a very early age. I don’t know why this is so, perhaps because of all that energy they have.  Halloween is a good time for your toddler to transfer some of that energy into his fantasy world by dressing like his favorite character. He can fly above the earth like Superman or maybe he can be Batman and save the earth from destruction.

For a really trendy, cool costume for a toddler, that will appeal to trendy moms and dads, check out the Born to Be Wild Biker costume for baby and toddler boys.  The costume comes in sizes up to 2T.  This costume really stands out as being unique.  It’s a one-piece  jumpsuit made of 100% polyester which is machine washable.

The top of the costume features a T-shirt design on a white shirt with a skull and crossbones. Above the design is a printed pair of dog tags. One of the tags has the phrase “Born to be Wild” while the other shows an image of dice. The dog tags look like they’re actually hanging from a necklace and the image is very realistic.

The sleeveless leather jacket has the appearance of snaps and zippered pockets. Now the really cute part, the jumpsuit has mesh sleeves, featuring several tattoo designs  including a pair of dice and a heart with the word Mom across the front of it.

The pants part of the jumpsuit are made of soft plush material for baby’s comfort. There are easy snap buttons so that you can easily change a diaper if necessary. To top off this adorable Halloween costume, it comes with a red do-rag head scarf. This costume has the rebel nature down pat.


Little girls love their TV and movie characters, too. Elsa from the movie Frozen is very popular right now. To make the Halloween costume unique, add several sparkly bracelets that you could get from a dollar store or similar discount store. A fancy wig braid could be decorated with all kinds of bright hair clips, etc. Make a special cape and decorate it with glitter and sparkles. Think princess and all the jewelry and accessories a real princess would have.



Apart from familiar TV and movie characters for your toddler’s Halloween costume, there are some really visually unique costumes for toddlers available online. All of them will bring a smile to your face when you see little ones dressed as these characters and make great photo ops. And being able to shop online from the convenience of your home is a plus. Click here for lots of unique toddler costumes 2015.


These are some of the best costume ideas you can come up with for your toddler. Whatever costume you choose for Halloween, though,  will be unique  because your toddler is unique, special and a joy!



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